Where your ideas take shape

Where your ideas take shape Where your ideas take shape

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“we give body and soul to your products”

In the different steps towards the birth of a new product, moulds construction plays a key role.

Wegaplast cooperates with its customers in order to make moulds according to the agreed time-to-market and technical specifications. This goal is achieved also thanks to the skills of our Project Leaders and to the know-how of a selected pool of tool-makers, our partner for tool construction.

We also co-ordinate the construction of moulds in the Far East, where we have developed long-standing relationships with highly skilled and reliable partners

Thanks to the integration of different skills, we realise complete new projects in short timing and at very competitive costs and we co-ordinate the simultaneous construction of many moulds in full compliance of the agreements taken with our Customers.

Our tool-shop is fully equipped to take care internally of maintenance, modifications and adjustments of the moulds.

At Wegaplast, we hold ourselves always responsible for the success of a project, also in case some production phases are out-sourced.