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“modern machinery, reliable also for details”

Our machine park is composed of 30 machines with a clamping force from 20 to 1.100 tons, working 24 hours a day for 6 days per week.

In addition to the traditional injection molding, we have a more than10-year experience in the field of Gas-assisted moulding (Air Molding); all our machines are equipped with a centralised equipment for nitrogen distribution.

We recently registered a patent for a special nozzle for gas injection, in order to avoid the use of “overflow” of plastics in excess, thus obtaining remarkable economic and quality advantages.

Wegaplast manufactures a wide range of aesthetic and functional products in compliance with the end-product application.

We also manufacture bicomponent (two-shot) products.

Thanks to our technologists’ know-how, here at Wegaplast we make products with technologies such as rotating table, transfer, index.

For some products, the bi material technology is integrated by the overmoulding of inserts, being placed inside the tool cavities through advanced automation systems; in addition, the vertical machines allow the manufacturing of products with inserts overmoulding, such as screws, bushings, pins, metal plates.