Where your ideas take shape

Where your ideas take shape Where your ideas take shape

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Tradition and Expertise
“From the design to the finished product:
we bring our Customers' ideas to life”

Since 1952 Wegaplast has been responding to the needs of its Customers, by means of engineering and tool construction, moulding of thermoplastic material and finishing activities.

Thanks to its experience, Wegaplast is able to realise products with high aesthetic value and technological content. Our skills guarantee the optimisation of the design and industrialisation process, through a rapid development of the product, flexibility and global competitiveness for our Customers.

As system supplier, we offer complete and effective services for the integrated management of all the activities of our industrial process:

  • Co-design / Co-engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Molds construction
  • Injection molding
  • Assembling
  • Finishing activities
  • Functional tests and 100% certification tests of the product
  • Storage, delivery and logistic services

Wegaplast: plastic moulding and tool construction in Bologna – Emilia Romagna

Technology and Innovation
“We innovate for and together our customers”

Here at Wegaplast special focus is provided to technological innovation. We use state-of-the-art machinery to achieve our projects in the best way.

To dialogue and interact with our Customers engineering, we have the most advanced tools and 3D systems, such as : Catia, SolidDesigner, Unigrafics and Cimatron.

We take care of the development and engineering of the product, following the evolution step by step together with the Customer since the early beginning, thanks also to resident engineers.
Production performances are constantly monitored through NICIM, an advanced scheduling system, which allows to check on real time the progress of production, the status of the machines, the quantity of parts produced, any scrap and inefficiency. .
Mold construction and plastic injection moulding