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Pressure sensors Kistler

The need to guarantee products of high quality and reliability, especially for safety parts, led us to look for sensors able to analyse the moulding process on real time.

CUSTOMERQuality System
TECHNOLOGYData recording for plastic materials
APPLICATIONInjection moulding
FIELDPlastic Material Moulding

Pressure sensors Kistler cover all the injection moulding processes. They can measure on real time the pressure inside the tool cavity. In this way we can produce parts of high quality, optimise the controls and increase the production efficiency.
Kistler ComoInjection is the system incorporating all the  elements necessary to evaluate on real time the moulding quality. Among the several data recorded, the most significant is the pressure curve. By analysing this curve, we can determine a tolerance range in order to produce parts with the same weight and dimensions. In the same way, the system is able to identify not ok parts and automatically reject them.
All the data are recorded in the database Kistler Mis. To access this database, a simple software shall be installed. In this way, it’s possible to track every single part and create process statistics.


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