“From the project all the way to the final product: our customers' ideas BECOME MOLD with us”


For over fifty years WEGAPLAST has been working in the thermoplastic materials transformation sector and is a qualified system partner in the production of products and components for Italian and foreign companies.

WEGAPLAST specializes in the construction of molds and plastic molding activities using a wide range of advanced technologies: from traditional injection molding to Air Molding, to the production of bi-material products.

Elevata qualità

The company is spread over a total area of almost 25,000 square meters, has its own internal tooling, and the molding department has about thirty presses with closing force from 20 to 1,200 tons. We take care of our customers for the construction of over 150 new molds every year.

The customer occupies a central role in every single phase of the production process, from prototyping to the final realization and throughout the system of the WEGAPLAST services.

In WEGAPLAST, the main objective is the enhancement of the ideas of our customers for whom we produce products of high aesthetic and technological quality.

Competenza e professionalità

Thanks to its experience Wegaplast is able to create products with high aesthetic value and high technological content. Our skills ensure the optimization of design choices and industrialization; translating everything into rapid product development, flexibility and global competitiveness for our customers. To offer an increasingly effective and complete service we propose ourselves as a system partner for the integrated management of all the activities of our industrial process:

Co-design / Co-engineering, Prototyping, Mold construction, Molding, Assembly, Post-processing (product finishing) function tests and 100% product certification test, storage, deliveries and other logistic services.

“We innovate with and for our clients”

At Wegaplast we have always paid particular attention to technological innovation and we use advanced machinery to actualize at best the know-how of our technical staff.
To better interact with the design departments of client companies we use the most advanced three-dimensional design and modeling tools including: Catia, SolidDesigner, Unigrafics and Cimatron.
We take care of the development and engineering of any product following the evolution with the customer right from the beginning also thanks to the help of a resident engineer.
Production performance is constantly monitored through NICIM, an advanced finite capacity scheduling system that allows real-time verification of the progress of production orders, the status of the machines, the quantities actually produced, any discards and inefficiencies.


The Wegaplast Quality System inspires company life and every activity at any level inside the company.
The certifications achieved over time represent a guarantee of compliance with the standards of excellence in all phases of the industrial process; from product development to delivery to the customer.