In 2018 Wegaplast started a training project for lean thinking, smed and lean manufacturing techniques with the client.

The project will be divided into theoretical and practical application sessions. The entities involved will be all departments, including offices.

Wegaplast has embarked on this path for its continuous research to improve production efficiencies and to continuously seek the highest quality for its customers.


Lean thinking is based on simple principles: the starting point is to identify were the waste is so to be able to eliminate them and produce with a lower consumption of resources. (minimum maximum spending cost) = minima spesa massima resa!

Identify the true values – identify what customers are willing to pay a price for Identify the value stream (value stream) align the activities that create value in the right sequence Scroll the flow of the value (flow) to implement the value activities without interruptions Make sure that the flow is pulled (pull) scroll the flow according to customer requests.
Aim to perfection (perfection) to assume perfection as a reference for programs of continuous improvement.
Extend the lean supply chain to the supplier chain (lean supply chain).

The application of the six principles in the company brings to a great change both on the “physical level” and on the organizational level (reduction of hierarchical levels, process orientation, inter-functional teams, accountability, delegation and development of skills at operational levels, streamlining of functions, etc.); therefore all this involves a radical change of mentality on the side of all personnel and a real “cultural revolution”. It is a courageous choice, driven by a strong, dynamic, innovative and modern direction.

In 2018 Wegaplast inaugurated a new production plant located in Budrio(BO).
The plant is strictly productive and is also expanding production and storage capacity.