This project confirms Wegaplast’s presence in the furniture sector which, guided by its own logic, requires knowing how to combine the needs of product development with the designer’s concept, as well as very short time-to-market times. Thanks to the constant and very close interaction between the three players of the project, that is BF Sedie, Mechanema and Wegaplast, it was possible to create an innovative product very quickly in compliance with the budget.
The construction of the mold was decided by the client in June 2007, in September 2007 the first samples were analyzed and already in January 2008 the first MUST were put on sale in their final version.

In the meantime, MUST has exceeded 100,000 cycles foreseen by the second level CATAS test, leaving it without any deformation or alteration that could compromise its use.

Wegaplast oversaw the construction of the mold and now the molding of MUST, which takes place on a 1,200-ton press, on which a specific automation assists the operator for the assembly of the four legs. They are housed by pressure inside specific seats, integral with the body, which then ensure the retention by using the normal shrinkage of the material. MUST is then packaged by placing it in the packages intended for the final customer.

The result is a design product that embodies creativity, design technique, molding technology and industrial process.
Wegaplast is proud of its contribution to the project and thanks BF and Mechanema