“We value your products, even when our work seems finished”
In the product finishing and completion department we perform the following operations: pad printing, screen printing, heat welding, ultrasonic welding, assembly and assembly of complex finished products, functional tests and 100% product certification tests.

We also coordinate the realization of other finishing processes such as: painting, galvanic treatments, flocking, brazing.

Wegaplast’s services extend to integrated inventory management and delivery of products made for our customers. For the storage of finished products, we provide up to 5000 pallets in our warehouses and plan with customers time and delivery methods ensuring savings in logistics management and optimization of the distribution process. We are able to deliver your products throughout Europe according to the Just in Time methodology production, Kanban and Consignment To Stock standards, using any type of packaging required.

Thanks to constant monitoring of production and distribution phases, we guarantee maximum planning flexibility and on-time delivery.

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