The need to guarantee quality and high reliability products, especially in safety details, has led us to use sensors that allow the analysis and monitoring, in real time, of the molding process.

Kistler pressure sensors cover all injection molding processes. They are able to detect, in real time, the pressure inside the mold cavity. In this way we produce parts of absolute quality, we optimize the controls and increase the efficiency of the processing cycles.

The Kistler ComoInjection is the system that incorporates all the elements necessary to evaluate the molding quality in real time. Among the various information that is recorded, the most significant is the pressure curve. Analyzing it, we can establish a tolerance delta that allows us to produce details of equal weight and size. In the same way, the system is able to identify the non-compliant parts and discard them automatically.

All information are stored in the Kistler Mis, a database that can be accessed by installing simple software. In this way we can go back to the values of every single print and create process statistics.