“We create and bring life to your products”
The realization of a new stamp represents a crucial moment in the life of a new product.

Wegaplast collaborates with the customers for the optimal realization of the equipment within the established times and in compliance with the technical specifications; all this also thanks to the expertise of the internal Project Leaders and the professionalism of a selected pool of partner companies in the construction of molds.

We also coordinate molders in the Far East area certified and referenced, with competence and reliability verified during years of collaboration.

The integration of our skills allows us to simultaneously give life to the components and parts of entire new projects quickly with extremely competitive costs and to coordinate the simultaneous implementation of dozens of molds in full compliance to the commitments with the customer.

Our tooling is equipped with everything necessary to carry out the maintenance, modifications and set-up of each type of mold.

Wegaplast always maintains the role of the sole responsible to customers of the success of the project, regardless of the possible outsourcing of some production phases.

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